Looking for a new role? … here’s some recommendations for your CV

As we are now in uncharted waters regarding the economy, we do not know exactly what the future business landscape will look like in the weeks and months ahead.

One thing that is certain, when companies begin recruiting again, there will be even more intense competition for positions as they arise.

So from a practical perspective, I have set-out below some suggestions that you can make to your CV to ensure that you maximise your possibility of being short-listed for interview and avoid the pitfalls.

  • Customise your CV for each specific Job and use appropriate ‘keywords’ in your CV that have appeared in the Job Description being advertised
  • Outline relevant Achievements from your previous positions that quantify the results you delivered that may be appropriate for the Job being advertised
  • Ensure that your spelling and grammer is correct … because this does make a difference!
  • Make sure that your most recent positions (i.e. current and previous) are the most prominent on your CV with regards to experience, responsibilities & achievements
  • The format of your responsibilities & achievements should be predominately in bullet point format, between 1 – 2 sentences long (maybe 3 on rare occasion)
  • The length of your CV should be at least 2 pages long … with another page or two if required to fit all your experience and skills; however make sure you get rid of anything that is not relevant

If it is of benefit, I have attached a link to the Sample CV Template that we circulate when people are seeking to draft their initial CV.

I believe that considering some, or all, of the above will assist you in maximising the opportunities that arise in the foreseeable future …. because I will re-iterate this point – there will be even more intense competition for positions as they arise once the Economy moves out of lockdown/travel restrictions.

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