Why you should have 50 Cups of Coffee

Over the past number of years, as I have spoken to Senior Managers within companies, a frequent topic of conversation is the lack of quality talent, outside of their company, that they have access to when they need to hire for themselves.

In the current economy, where the “time-to-fill” key roles is getting shorter and shorter, reactive recruiting is not going to give you the desired result.

I would say that, in today’s world, as a Senior Manager you need to build recruitment activities into your daily agenda, whether you are hiring right now or not.

If you only start your recruiting activities once a vacancy emerges, you will most likely lose the talent battle and consign your company/team to dropping to the ‘second division’.

So my recommendation to you is as follows …. set yourself a goal to have ‘50 cups of coffee’, with potential hires for your team/company, over the next 12 months …… that’s an average of 1 meeting a week. I know it’s a significant investment of your time ….. but think of the return for you!

The point is this; when the day comes that an ‘unexpected’ vacancy occurs, you will be ready, with two or three potential candidates ready to engage with you.

The truth in recruitment is that companies with the best people always win in the end … and this does not happen by accident!


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