One suggestion to improve your success rate when hiring for your team




The success of any face-to-face interview is directly related to the ability of the people on the Interview Panel to ask relevant questions – in-depth ones that really check out the person’s ability to do the job, his/her suitability to the organisation and commitment for the future; there must be fit on all fronts … but unfortunately not everyone is trained or experienced enough to ensure they are asking the questions that gives you the insight as to the personality of the interviewee.

To assist you with this, there is a multiple-choice personality questionnaire called the 16PF that can help you, as an Interviewer, to ask relevant questions because it measures 16 Personality Factors of the person you are considering for the position.

After completing an analysis of the role on offer and having the prospective candidate complete a 15-30 minute 16PF Questionnaire, the results of the 16PF offer a detailed picture of the person’s suitability for the type of work being proposed and an indication of his/her ‘fit’ with your existing team (as there should be some similarity and some difference in every team).

As I mentioned earlier, one practical application of this is that Interviewers can used the 16PF to generate really meaningful interview questions that address key areas of relevance and effectively probe issues of concern. And/or interest.

It can also ensure that organisations do not consistently hire the same profile of person just because the Hiring Manager(s) like this type of person and the associated skill set; this can be a recipe for disaster or at best mediocrity.

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