What are the selection criteria that individuals consider when moving ‘job’/organisation?

Given the ‘tight’ labour market we are currently experiencing, based upon an increasing number of conversations we are having with Hiring Managers who are seeking to add to their Team(s)/Organisation, I have set out below our thoughts on how to maximize the potential for a successful outcome in your search process.

As in most search processes, the successful applicant (who meets the selection criteria) will come from one of the following three categories.

  • Individuals who are finished with their most recent employer and are available immediately.
  • Individuals who are “ actively” seeking to leave the current employer for any number of reasons.
  • Individuals who are “ headhunted” from their current employer.

While individuals covered under Point 1 will typically have a slightly different set of requirements than individuals in Points 2 and 3, everyone, either consciously or unconsciously, is trying to identify WiifM (i.e. What’s in it for Me) when looking at a career move.
NOTE: The number of individuals in Points 1 & 2, with the necessary skills/experience being sought by Hiring Managers, who are interested in taking up a new position is currently much lower than normal (& I will go into this in more detail in an upcoming Blog Post).


As a result, it is essential that you, as a Hiring Manager, identify the key selling factors for the organisation and the vacancy before beginning the search to identify a suitable applicant in order to give yourself the ‘best outcome’ in the search process.

In order to assist you with the identification of the ‘key selling factors’ that may be attributable to your vacancy, I have set-out below the feedback we have received over the years of the selection criteria that individuals consider when moving ‘job’/organisation. (NOTE: The weighting given to each of these reasons will vary on age, stage of career, family status etc.):

  1. Geographic location – is the commute from home to the office shorter?
  2. Is there ‘Flexibility’ in working start/finish times … and is there the option of working from home on occasion?
  3. Is the position permanent or contract?
  4. What is the Job Title? (NOTE: This is particularly important to individuals who are at the early/middle stages in their careers)
  5. Are there specific quantifiable results that will be directly required from this position?
  6. What is the Salary + Bonus + Benefits Package?
  7. What are the Future Career Path / Promotion Opportunities?
  8. What is the Company ‘status’/image within their sector (e.g. is it seen as a leader in its sector)?
  9. Is there financial stability within the company and in the sector it operates in?


In essence, ‘clarity’ is what someone is seeking from a potential employer so that they can assess what is being offered in potentially ‘taking-up’ this position to their own personal requirements (at this point in time). In addition, we have found more and more that individuals want clarity around the Remuneration/Compensation package and the connection in the delivery of the specific quantifiable results required from the position.

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