The importance of Feedback in the Workplace


It has long been recognised that giving feedback is an integral part of good day to day practice in organisations all over the world. However there is a certain reluctance to deliver feedback as it may be perceived as being negative or overly critical.

Below are some tips that may assist you when delivering feedback:

  • Make it Timely: Feedback is best given as soon as possible after the event as it will have greater impact. Don’t let 3 months pass by before you deliver the feedback as you are relying on your memory & the feedback can be redundant at that point.
  • Ensure its Tangible & Actionable: Quality feedback is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant & time bound. Make sure you have specific examples to hand in order to be able to draw upon them over the course of the conversation.  It is also very important to ensure to focus on the behaviour and not the individual.
  • Correct Setting: Make sure the setting is appropriate for giving feedback; set aside enough time to ensure that the session is not rushed, there are no interruptions and allows for a two way conversation.
  • Make it Regular: Feedback is invaluable and should not just be delivered once a year in a performance related review. It should be ongoing and frequent whilst covering both positive performance & areas to improve upon.


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