What to do when you don’t get that dream job……

So you did a brilliant interview & you are anticipating the phone call with the lucrative offer for your dream job…except it doesn’t come – in place comes a call or an email advising that you have not been successful on this occasion.  This is the time where it’s easy to give up or let emotions overcome us – it is vital to remember that you are certainly not the first nor will you be the last person not to get their dream job on the first or second or even third attempt!

I have outlined below some points that may be of assistance to you:

  • Acknowledge your disappointment – it is perfectly normal to be upset and disheartened. Don’t try to shut it out; speak to a friend or family member about how you are feeling. Once you have done this you can then move onto the next stage.
  • Reflect on the process – assess the interview itself; how were your interview skills, were there some questions that you struggled to answer sufficiently or skills and experiences that you didn’t highlight over the course of the interview?
  • Feedback – try to get as much insight as to why you were not successful. There are numerous reasons as to why you didn’t get the job (a more qualified candidate may have pipped you on this occasion, you may have suffered from interview nerves & not quite overcome them) In any case the more you try to refine and diminish potential weaknesses, errors or gaps in your interview technique the closer you are to achieving your end goal.
  • Stay focused – a missed opportunity is a learning experience. Ensure that you learn from this process and use it to your advantage; keep up a positive attitude and be proactive – keep up to date with industry news & stay focused on your goal – the day of starting your dream job could be closer than you know.



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