Is your CV stopping you from getting that 1st Interview?


When people fail to get an interview, it is inevitable that they assume that it was not their fault!

They usually blame it on external factors, such as “They didn’t even look at my CV” or “I must not have fitted the profile” or “There must have been too many CVs sent in” or “The job was already gone!” …… while this may be the situation on occasion – I do not believe that this is ALWAYS the case!

Let me say that if a company has taken the trouble to draft a job description and advertise a vacancy (either through a newspaper or online) then it is obvious that they need someone to fill the position; they are looking for someone to solve their staffing problem!

So if you have the right experience for the vacancy, then you need to go back & review what you have been saying your CV – because you may not be communicating that you are the solution to their problem!

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