Looking to the Future

We must look forward, towards the end of the lockdown and a gradual return to the workplace.

One thing that we know for sure is that things will not return to what they were on the 15th of March or before it. Over the last period of time & certainly over the coming weeks we may find ourselves taking time to reflect on many aspects of our every day lives; our lifestyle, our hopes and expectations for the future as well as our careers.

As we look at our careers some of us may be aspiring for a better work life balance in the near future whilst others may be contemplating a new career path or making a move to a new industry. If so now is the perfect time to start preparing for same & they are some things that you can do from the comfort of your own home to kickstart the process.

Update your CV: your CV is your very first opportunity to make a great impression & plays a pivotal part in getting you on the shortlist for an interview. Be sure to spend time on your CV ensuring that it fully details your experiences, your academics as well as your achievements & is tailored to the types of roles that you will be applying for.

LinkedIn Profile: Many first impressions nowadays are made online via LinkedIn – again be sure that your profile is up to date & that the information on your profile is relevant. Remember, your LinkedIn profile should mirror your CV in terms of dates & timelines; don’t have any gaps!

Get advice: It may have been a period of time since you were last active on the market & perhaps you are apprehensive about seeking a new position. Consider engaging with a Recruitment consultant who specialises in their chosen field. By doing so you can expect subject matter expertise, industry knowledge & support.

If you are considering a move or just looking for some insight to the market trends feel free to contact us here at BDO Recruitment on (061) 414455.