Are Recruitment and Talent Acquisition a priority in your organisation?

The BDO Recruitment Health Check supports organisations who want to improve their effectiveness in attracting and retailing the best people

We put the spotlight on your current hiring processes, looking at strengths and weaknesses and provide you with the platform of skills and processes to optimise your organisations ability to recruit good people.  

Through the Recruitment Effectiveness Health check process, we focus on  a range of areas e.g. evaluating how your brand is perceived in the employee market, the length of time it takes to hire the most suitable candidate the significance that is attached to recruitment in the organization  and employee turnover.

Once armed with this information, a plan will be devised which typically involves improving the internal processes and skills and developing a marketing plan to optimise your organisation’s attractiveness to the best people in the market. The plan is tailored to each business so whether the company is a multi-national with 300+ employees or a local SME there will be a plan focused on meeting the needs of the organisation.

“Good recruitment processes are key enablers for business success and will positively impact the bottom line through saving money and management time. Completing a recruitment effectiveness health check can create a competitive advantage and significantly reduce the stress associated with poor recruitment and under performing staff.” Maurice Carr | Partner BDO

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Questions to assess if Recruitment and Talent Acquisition a priority in your organisation

  1. Is Talent Acquisition at a senior level in the organisation structure?
  2. Is Talent Acquisition a significant part of your strategic plan?
  3. Have you measures in place to evaluate your organisations effectiveness in recruiting and retaining key staff?
  4. If so what are these measures and how are they reported on?
  5. Do you have an understanding of the markets view of your company as an employer?
  6. Rate your current recruitment processes and documentation out of 10 where 10 is exceptional and 1 is not in line with the organisation’s needs.
  7. Have you recently been involved in any recruitment training?
  8. What is the biggest challenge in recruiting people for you?

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