3 reasons to hire Temporary Staff

Given the continuing increase in ‘new hires’ within the Irish Labour Market in 2013 / 2014, and the importance of sourcing and selecting the most appropriate person for these positions, we have found the option of using Temporary Staff as an interim solution is also growing.

From conversations with various Hiring Managers as to the reasons they will consider using Temporary Staff through a Recruitment Company for their organisation(s), we have found that these broadly fall into one of the following three categories;

1. Urgency of requirement
2. Flexibility offered
3. Overall Cost

Urgency of requirement
If a vacancy arises due to sick-leave / maternity leave / new project, whether anticipated or not, given the importance of the position to the efficient and efective operation of the company, it is essential that the position is filled within a very short time-frame (eg typically within 2 hours or anytime within 1 week).
This is where engaging the services of a Recruitment Company who regularly supply Temporary Staff can provide a timely interim solution for the company.

Flexibility offered
When you hire Temporary Staff through a Recruitment Company, you avoid a significant amount of the hiring headache and the hassle associated with a new employee (eg contracts of employment, payroll set-up and processing, submission of monthly P30’s, medical check-ups etc).
In addition, it gives you an opportunity to practically assess the suitability and skills of the person while you maybe considering creating a permanent posiiton within the organisation.

Overall Cost

By using Temporary Staff through a Recruitment Company, you have the benefit of one invoice for all employee costs and it allows you to more accurately forecast your monthly costs and budgets .. with no additional recruitment, administration or HR/payroll costs.
It also gives you a longer time-frame, if sourcing and selecting for a permanent position, to identify the most appropriate person for this permanet position.