5 factors to consider before your next career move!

The next time you are planning a career move, or if you are already in an interview process, there are 5 factors that you might consider when evaluating if the job is a good potential move for you;

1. Sector

2. Organisation

3. ‘Cluster’

4. Position

5. Hiring Manager


The good news is that you can evaluate/research the first four points, before you even meet with the organisation, and see how they compare against the career goals you have set for yourself!

Assuming that you wish to join an organisation that is expanding/growing, pays well, offers promotion opportunities and will benefit your career, then I have set-out below some additional details to consider for each of the above 5 factors.

1. Industry / Sector
Are there high margins being generated in this sector (eg Aviation Leasing, Medical Devices, IT, Banking)? …. a review at the Financial Results for the biggest companies in this sector will give you an indication of this.

2. Organisation
Is it the Market-Leader or in the ‘Top 5’ in its sector? ….. I recently heard of one person using their own unique ‘ready-reckoner’ to evaluate this. They went to see the type of car parked in the Executive section in the company car-park as they felt that the more expensive the car, the greater is the likelihood that the organisation paid its employees well and was successful! Consequently there would be a greater likelihood that the organisation would continue to expand, new positions would be created and there would be greater opportunities for promotion! … and I found it hard to argue with this logic.

3. ‘Cluster’
Is there a ‘cluster’ of similar organisations in this sector (or organisations who utilise a similar skill-set) within the general geographic area of the company? ….  the reason for this is to ensure that if your career progression opportunities are thwarted within this organisation, you will at least have the option of moving and continuing along your career-path.

4. Vacancy / Position
Does it build on the skills and experience you have gained to date? Will it ‘stretch’ you sufficiently over the next 12 – 18 months?  ….  if it delivers on both of these points, then it is very likely to allow you to continue on your chosen career-path.

5. Hiring Manager
And finally, after your initial meeting/interview, do you like and respect the Hiring Manager? What is your ‘gut-instinct’ saying to you? ….  Of all of the 5 points above, this is the most critical to get absolutely right. This is the person who has the biggest impact on making or breaking your career within this organisation. Always remember that in a significant amount of cases, PEOPLE DO NOT LEAVE BAD COMPANIES – THEY LEAVE BAD MANAGERS! So choose your Manager wisely.


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