BDO Recruitment offers an online personality and psychometric testing service in conjunction with Thomas International – one of the leaders in personality assessment.

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is a validated, positive, non-critical, behavioural analysis of a person, emphasising your strengths and capabilities in the work environment. The PPA is not a test. You cannot ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ it.

The main benefits of using the PPA for an individual are:

  • Provide an accurate overview of your work behavioural preferences
  • They give you the self awareness to consolidate your working strengths and compensate for your limitations
  • Can be used to modify your communication style for greater effect
  • Used to understand the impact your behavioural preferences have on your work colleagues

For more information on how you can take these online psychometric tests then please give Chloe a call on +353 61 214276