Executive Appointments

Executive Appointment is a specialised recruitment service where organisations engage BDO Recruitment to source highly qualified candidates for critical, senior-level or executive positions (e.g., Managing Director, General Manager, Vice-president, CEO, COO, CFO/FD HR Director).

Our team are executive search trained which allows us to liaise successfully with even the most passive of candidates. With our executive search, we will spend time with you from the outset to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the role requirements, so they are documented and agreed on by the key stakeholders. We ensure that communication with our clients is efficient throughout the process and if there are any issues, they are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner.

There are a variety of reasons why organisations have chosen BDO Recruitment for their executive search needs across their organisation. These range from:

  • A need to ensure that all potential candidates, both active and passive, are engaged with about a specific vacancy
  • A requirement to engage an external organisation to eliminate potential conflicts of interest
  • A lack of internal talent due to rapid expansion within the organisation and the need for different knowledge and skills
  • The quality of candidates that BDO can bring to the client based on its market knowledge and our network senior executives.

Usually, our executive search process will involve significant initial research using our market maps to allow us to identify the most relevant talent. Our specialised head hunting techniques are designed to create the best possible shortlist for you, delivering the finest quality of candidates that you desire.

BDO Executive Search, led by Maurice Carr, knows and understands all of these areas. Our Executive Search process is always conducted so that we:

  • Understand the opportunities and challenges within your organisation and sector.
  • Understand your corporate culture.
  • Use our network to access and speak to all potential candidates who are best positioned to fill the position.

Recruitment Partner

  • mcarr@bdo.ie
  • +353 61 414455