Set Your Goals Now For 2016

I find setting goals to be a much more powerful means of achieving results than budgets and business plans. I have listed below my own take on goal setting. Probably a crude version of SMART but let me know your thoughts.

What is important?

1) Set goals early i.e. before the new year starts

2) 5 to 8 goals is plenty

3) Goals that are true to me.  I need to be very clear what this means. This is fundamental to achieving success in my terms.

4) Goals that I would be happy to share with the people around me and even strangers

5) Goals that will inspire me to achieve them

6) Goals that are ambitious and will require me to go well beyond my comfort zone

7) Goals that can be written with a minimum number of words

8) Write down the goals and put them where I can see them clearly everyday

9) Refer to them frequently as a guide like the “north star”

10) Be open to amending them as you go through the year

Maurice Carr

Career Advice