Click on the following link: BDO CV Template for Qualified Accountants in Industry

The Sample CV Template above (typically for Qualified Accountants in Industry) is one that we circulate when people who are working in Industry are seeking to draft/update their initial CV.

The reason I recommend this format of CV is that I have found that this ‘layout’ is received very well by the vast majority of HR & Finance Manager(s)/Director(s) as well as Managing Director(s) … when reviewing the CVs of potential candidates.

I shall set-out the logic that I use for compiling a CV in this manner:

* Page 1: This sheet alone contain all the pertinent information for a HR/Managing Director to interview you. It holds all the information which gives prospective employersloyers an excellent overview of your work-life to date.

* Pages 2 onwards: These sheets contain the expanded details of what you have done in your career to date

On page 1, I have found that if you can detail 1 – 2+ Achievements from your more recent position(s) on your CV, which are directly relevant for the position you are applying for, then you are propelling yourself to the top of the potential short-list of candidates which will be selected for interview for a particular position.

Please note that I structure an ‘Achievement’ as follows:
* Time bounded
* Specific
* Quantifiable
Note: You will see a number of examples of Achievements in the attached Sample CV Template)

Remember an Achievement is anything you have done that has;

INCREASED – Results through people, Gross/Net Profit, Yields/Margins, Sales/Revenues, Staff Productivity, Speed of producing Financial Reports etc etc…

and that has

DECREASED – Losses, Expenses, Overheads, Staff numbers (without affecting the business), Working Capital Tied-Up etc etc

 On page 2 onwards, you may ‘cut-&-paste’ the information from your existing CV into this format, with a detailed focus on your more recent role and a much lesser focus on your prior roles (as the experience you have gained in your most recent role is typically the most relevant)

I hope that this is of benefit to you…..and remember, you must be totally happy with the content and layout of your CV as it contains the details of your past achievements/experiences which are an indication of your future performance.

Click on the following link: BDO CV Template for Qualified Accountants in Industry