The Power of saying “thank you”


I think we can sometimes neglect to say “thank you” to people who deserve our thanks. People who give us business, provide us with services like collecting our waste, who work with us, who teach our children, who are loyal friends or partners.

Reasons to say “thank you”;

  1. It is a relatively simple thing to do i.e. an email, a card, a phone call, a handshake, even a hug!
  2. It is a good way of connecting with people.
  3. We all like to be appreciated and we can be very put out if we feel we are being taken for granted.
  4. Saying “thank you” can help to build positive relationships with the people we interact with.
  5. In a client context, gifts are good but providing the best possible service and a genuine “thank you” is hard to beat.
  6. Sometimes by not saying thank you we are avoiding acknowledging the fact that someone has helped us out and that is a sign of weakness, “Ah that was nothing”.
  7. Saying “thank you” shows confidence.
  8. If you are not good at saying thanks maybe you should ask yourself why?
  9. For the “thanker” it is a good positive expression, irrespective of how it is received.
  10. It is never a bad thing to be polite and courteous.

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