It is now the end of August and 6 months on from the initial Covid shutdown, we have lived through one of the most disruptive periods certainly in my lifetime. This disruption has had some powerful impacts on our economy, our personal lives and our view of ourselves as individuals and as a human race and we still have a long way to go yet on all fronts before we get to the other side.

It is important not to belittle in any way the suffering people have endured and continue to endure and the horror of the threat that Covid brings to our everyday life. But it is also important to highlight some of the positives.

As a world pre-Covid we were not necessarily in a very good place and there were a lot of issues relating to wealth distribution and 3rd world poverty, high suicide rates, countries shutting their borders, destruction of our environment and the growth of far right regimes across the globe to name a few.

During the past months many people had the opportunity to slow down a little bit and, in many cases, had more time to think. From my discussions with people this has resulted in renewed clarity of what is important to people in their lives like health, relationships, and their values in general.

We have a little more time for ourselves, for our families, for our neighbours, for exercise and our health.

We have become more aware of the things around us, like nature and all the beautiful places we can go to here in our own country.

We are a little less under the spell of the marketing wizards who create in us this need for our next buying fix or our next foreign holiday.

Maybe we realise that less spending means less pressure to earn money and more time for the richer things in life like time, relationships and nature.

Working from home has certainly proven itself to be useful option going forward both in terms of productivity and flexibility for employers and employees. My view is this is a very positive development but we have a long way to go before we get the balance right between office and home working.

Covid has created some limitations around “face to face” interactions with each other. The positive here is that we have all made better use of Teams, Skype and Zoom which has proven a real bonus in our recruitment business.

We are having to adapt to the situation as it is unfolding. In my own situation I have a son who is a secondary school student and a daughter who is a Primary School teacher returning to school and we are a little bit nervous about what that will bring but we will deal with it and we do need to move things on one way or another.

I am informed by a very reliable medical source that there is a lot of optimism around a vaccine coming out of Oxford so my message is hopefully realistic but optimistic.

We have shown strong qualities in getting to the point we are at now and we will deal with the challenges ahead. My belief is we are becoming a better world through the lessons and the experiences that Covid in its horrible and indiscriminate way has imposed on us.

I hope you share this optimism.