Making Executive Career Decisions

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Your ability to make good career decisions can make all the difference. You will probably make 4 or 5 key career decisions over your lifetime that could be the difference between having a happy life or not. After 25 years recruiting executives I have identified a number of characteristics of people who make good career decisions;

  • Self-awareness
    The person who knows what they are good at and what they are not good at tend to make good decisions.
  • Self-worth
    The person who has a value system that they will stick with will help them make good decisions.
  • Confidence/self -belief
    The person who has strong self-belief will be not tied to or defined by any role or organisation and will not be afraid to move on when the time comes.
  • Flexibility and mobility
    It is important particularly early in your career to be willing to move out of your comfort zone both geographically and professionally to get the experience to progress your career.
  • Money is not the main driver
    Successful executives are confident that their abilities will bring the rewards both financial and career progression. If you are too focused on the money you are sending out the message to me that you may be limited in your abilities.

The advice would be

  • Know what you are good at and stay close to this in the roles you choose.
  • Be loyal to your employer but not to the point that you over commit because it will not end well.
  • If you are too desperate for the money you will probably end up poor.
  • Be decisive when it comes to your career because it has an enormous impact on your life.

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