Making a Case for a Career in Recruitment

Making a case for a Career in Recruitment

28 years on I still love the job. I got into recruitment in 1990. Prior to that I had worked in one of the main retail banks and subsequently trained with one of the Big 4 accounting practices so was bringing some experience to a recruiter role and that certainly helped.


A career in recruitment?  Making the case!


I find people interesting and I meet on average 3 candidates every day and when you add client meetings and interactions I spend a lot of time dealing with people issues and listening to their stories. The similarities between the work and home lives of a recruiter in terms of the issues and how to deal with them are very evident.

A competitive spirit!

I like the competitive business element in the role which means it is always challenging and the start of every week is like starting a new job.

“Hands on” recruiter

I have excellent administration support but have always been a “hands on” recruiter so this has been what keeps it interesting and a continuous learning experience. I have always stayed as a recruiter. and age is no barrier when it comes to recruitment.

Strong personal satisfaction and fulfilment

You do get the opportunity to make a significant impact on both your client’s business and on the candidate’s well-being and there is a great satisfaction in that.

Continue to work, learn and develop into your 80’s and beyond if you want to.

It is a career that enables you to continue to grow your skills through the constant change that comes from meeting new people and working on new roles. You will, health permitting, be able to work in recruitment and continue to develop your skills well beyond any artificial retirement age.

The recruitment industry does attract some wonderful people. Recruiters who commit to long term careers in recruitment make a very significant contribution to the people and markets they serve.

If you just want the money and don’t value people, you may do ok for a while, but it is unlikely that a career in recruitment is going to sustain you in the long term.

If you enjoy dealing with people and you are competitive and motivated to achieve in life and in business, recruitment could be a good career for you.