Learnings from Corona

Are there any possible learnings from this awful crisis?

We have been in contact with a large number of people, employers and employees, over the past week or so, and we have had some interesting observations that we want to share.

Here are some of the observations we are getting:

The world as we know!

It has really made us think about how our world works. The assumption was that our world was driven and controlled by all-powerful vested interests, i.e. financial markets, oil, media & advertising, the larger economies that dictated how the world operates and we the individuals have little or no say in how is operates. The sense up to now is like we are on a big train and we are just passengers with no influence on where it goes or how fast. This virus has at least put a question mark on this assumption and the question being asked is were we happy with the way our world was going?

In the words WB Yeats “All changed, changed utterly: A terrible beauty is born” and maybe there will be positive changes when we get through this.

The Environment

Apparently, NASA are able to get a clear view of China for the first time as the smog has lifted and India has had the same benefit. It will be interesting what the environmental learnings are. Also, it shows what we can do as a global society when we are mobilised and motivated.

Home working

At a more granular level Home Offices/Home Working is getting a real opportunity to establish itself as an effective mode of working. This will hopefully develop into a long- term work model for many people with positive impacts on productivity, living accommodation, traffic congestion and travel times, work life balance and family life.

How we relate to each-other

It has made us think also about how we relate to each-other. As the world has become more affluent, we have become more insular and arguably self-centred. We don’t know our neighbours as well as we did in previous generations. This virus has really driven home how mutually dependant we are and how we can impact those around us in a very positive and very negative way.

We have a way to go with this crisis but there is potential for us to make a better world from the learning and changes that can come from this. Arguably we are not in a very good place as a global society before this happened so there is the potential for positive outcomes once we get beyond it.

We learned very little from the financial crisis and were slipping back into old habits of late. This will hopefully be a sharper lesson that will go deeper in terms of learnings but please god with minimum loss of life.

I will finish with a direct quote from someone who has seen a few crises

“The thing that gives me hope is how quickly the system can adapt when it wants. We are constantly told that change can’t happen quickly. Well, now we know it can. We can solve the housing crisis if we want. We can deal with the climate crisis – if the global community wants it bad enough. The problem is that the human mind is wired to deal with an immediate threat and not a slow moving imperceptible one. “


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