Appointing an Interim Manager requires courage and decisiveness

Covid 19 is creating unprecedented challenges for Irish business and there is a build-up pressure on the part of leaders to take action.

Interim Management Solutions came into their own in the UK in the late 80’s recession and is now an essential management function across the UK and worldwide.

Interim Managers are experienced professionals who are not generally interested in permanent roles as they prefer a challenge that requires immediate availability and impact. They have a low boredom threshold. They enjoy sorting out a crisis. Usually this involves assessing the situation relatively quickly and this includes the organisational issues as well as the business issues. They agree a plan of action with the key stakeholders and they go and execute the plan. When delivered they hand it back to the management team who benefit from the immediate impact but also the longer term changes that have been delivered. They are experienced, they have no organisational history or baggage and they are highly motivated to deliver optimum results and go onto to the next challenge.

The good news is Ireland has a wealth of experienced professionals who are available to help you assess what needs to be done and to execute the solution. The difficulty is that it takes courage and decisiveness on the part of business owners to commit to appointing an interim manager. It requires a change in mindset for many people and some of the learnings from the financial crisis were that we didn’t take decisive action quickly enough.

If you are a business owner, M.D., CEO or General Manager and are considering using the services of an Interim Manager even if is just to assess your current business needs, please contact me.