Do our children drive us to achieve greater success in our careers?

Adult's hands holding child's hands, mature adult, child aged 2 to 3 years

BDO Recruitment recently celebrated 20 years in business. I got to thinking about how our children contribute to success in our working lives particularly where there is a significant interpersonal dynamic involved.

  1. They motivate us to get out of bed in the morning to earn a living to pay the bills and to be able to provide for them now and into the future.
  1. They help us develop our communication skills which we can bring to good use in our business lives.
  1. They are very good at giving honest feedback which keeps us humble and grounded.
  1. They help us develop our negotiating and listening skills and the art of knowing when to say nothing.
  1. They help us to be a little bit more understanding of the people we deal with, i.e. our customers, employees, people we are interviewing for jobs. Everyone is someone’s pride and joy.
  1. They provide us with a powerful lesson in self-awareness and getting to know yourself through dealing with the challenges of rearing kids, particularly with teenagers. This is a great gift although hard earned.
  1. They teach us how to be truly generous without expecting any return which I think perversely is a great lesson in how to be successful in business.
  1. They motivate us to set high standards for ourselves so that we can be good role models for them and that we can be strong when they need us.
  1. They give us purpose and a different perspective on most things.
  1. They relieve us of most of our money so we don’t have to worry about investing it!

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