4 things to consider when searching for a new job

The country began its third phase of re-opening the country on Monday. In the months ahead, many companies will begin to look at onboarding new employees. For those of you who will be seeking new employment, my advice to you it to utilise this time to complete a number of things.


  1. Update your CV – Typically a recruiter will spend 10-12 seconds looking at your CV. Therefore, it is important that you ensure the most relevant information is easily identifiable. I have also linked a blog that my colleague completed on CV recommendations. https://bdorecruitment.com/looking-for-a-new-role-heres-some-recommendations-for-your-cv/
  2. Use the time to upskill – There is a wide range of different courses available online, a lot of which are free of charge, at the moment. If there is an area you are particularly interested in learning about, use this time to complete online courses that you can add to your CV.
  3. Prepare for your interview – Many people may have not completed an interview in a substantial period of time. It is a good idea to practice some interview skills. Prepare for both a face-to-face and online interview. Looking at competency-based questions can help you prepare for commonly asked interview questions.
  4. LinkedIn – Ensure you have a LinkedIn profile that is up to date. Make sure to connect with people you know, also, follow companies that may be of interest to you. This will help to broaden your network.

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